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What Makes Up a Dental Implant?

If you are thinking about getting a dental implant, you may be wondering what one is made of. How do dental implants mimic a natural tooth so effectively? For such a life-changing technology, dental implants have a relatively simple structure. Each dental implant consists of 3 basic parts: an implant, an implant abutment, and a […]

Play it Safe, Protect Your Face

No one heads out to play soccer or basketball expecting to be injured. We only expect to have fun. However, there is always the chance of an accident. Every year about 3 million people are treated for facial injuries in emergency rooms across the U.S.  The injuries include trauma to the eyes, nose, skin, teeth […]

5 Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which presents us with a great opportunity to talk about prevention measures and methods for making positive changes. Like most cancers, oral cancer can be prevented by engaging in a healthier lifestyle. The key to prevention is making lifestyle adjustment that avoid high risk behaviors and encourage protective behaviors. […]