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The Evolution of Dental Implants

Today, getting dental implants is a high-tech experience. Digital x-rays help your dental surgeon scan your mouth and jaw for information about hidden structures. Computers guide your surgeon’s hand as he or she places your implants. The implants themselves are made from state-of-the-art materials. How did dental implants get to this advanced stage? Modern dental […]

How Safe Are Bone Grafts?

Before your implants get placed, your dental surgeon needs to scan your mouth and jaw to make sure conditions are ideal for a successful surgery. Part of what your surgeon will be looking for is how much bone you have available at the implant site.  If your dental surgeon has found that you don’t have […]

Why Get Dental X-rays Before Implant Surgery?

You are probably used to having dental x-rays once a year as part of your regular check-up. Your dentist uses these x-rays to find cavities or check on any fillings you might have. During the x-ray, you are protected from radiation by a lead apron. To adequately prepare for dental implant surgery, a surgeon will […]

Designing a More Affordable Treatment Plan

Some patients may put off their dental implant surgery because of concerns about costs. Dental implants can be costly, and payments need to be made up front before the procedure can begin. The less time you need to delay your surgery while you save up for a procedure, the better. The longer you have missing teeth, the greater […]