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How to Enjoy Eating With Your New Dentures In Public

If you have just been fitted with dentures, chances are that you’ve been really looking forward to being able to eat with ease again – especially in public. If you’re completely new to dentures, that first few weeks – the break in period – may be a bit discouraging, since it can seem like you’ll […]

Dentures Too Big? Here Are Some of Your Options

One of the most common problems denture wearers experience is a slow, steady change in the way their dentures fit and function. These changes occur due to gradual loss of bone in the jaw – a natural consequence of tooth loss. As the jawbone shrinks, becoming smaller in both height and width, the gum ridge it […]

3 Ways to Make Dentures Fit Better

If you’re having trouble with dentures that don’t fit quite right, causing discomfort or pain, difficulty biting and chewing your food, and/or embarrassing denture slipping or clicking as you speak or laugh, you aren’t alone. These are very common problems for denture wearers, and most will feel the effects of ill-fitting dentures at some point during their years […]

Denture Sore Spots: What Are They and How to Avoid Them

Gum irritation and sore spots in the mouth are a fairly common and painful problem among denture wearers. Although denture sore spots can occur any time to any denture wearer, they are most common as a person is breaking in a new set of dentures. They also may become a problem as dentures begin to loosen over time, […]

How to Eat Better (Even With Full Dentures)

Being fitted with full dentures, Clarksville, TN patients, will find, is a big change, and adjusting to them can be difficult. It takes time to learn to speak, bite and chew with dentures, since it requires teaching the muscles in your mouth and tongue to work in entirely different ways – both to make your […]

Your Options for Replacing Missing Teeth Clearly Explained

If you have missing teeth or will soon be having teeth extracted, you will be presented with a number of choices for replacing them. Knowing the details about those options before committing yourself to one is important to ensuring you make the best choice to suit your needs. Here, we’ll go over the options available to our […]

How Can I Fix My Loose Dentures?

If you’re a denture wearer who is having problems with their fit, you’re not alone. Most people with traditional, removable dentures will have trouble with loose dentures at some point during their years of denture use. For some, it is a problem right from the start, their dentures never really feeling comfortable or staying in place very […]