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Panoramic X-ray – Why you need one

Why is a current panoramic x-ray important? When coming to our office for a dental procedure, it is very important for us to have a current x-ray.  Current x-rays (also known as radiographs), are essential for accurate diagnosis.  It is important for our doctors to see all areas of the face and jaws that are […]

6 Ways to Prepare for Dental Surgery

At Cumberland Surgical Arts, we do a lot to prepare for your big day. We make sure your preliminary appointments go as planned. We work to craft a surgical plan you and your doctors are comfortable with. We implement procedures that keep you safe from infection and ensure the most is made out of your […]

4 Ways We Are Serious About Infection Control

“Safety comes first” is not just a saying at Cumberland Surgical Arts. It is the basis under which we practice. We understand there’s a lot to cover when choosing a provider for your dental procedure. On your list of requirements, safety is at the very top.  Bedside manner, training, education, and skills are incredibly important […]

Options for Missing Teeth: How to Choose the Right Clarksville Dentist

Do you have loose teeth or dental problems that make tooth loss a near-term possibility for you? If so, gathering a little information about your options for replacing those teeth is smart, since you’ll want to get that done as soon as possible. Missing teeth aren’t just bad for your appearance, they’re bad for your oral health […]