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Will I need a sinus lift before a dental implant procedure?

Will I need a sinus lift before a dental implant procedure? When considering dental implants, there are a variety of circumstances to consider. One is the potential to need a sinus lift before a dental implant procedure. A key to the success of your implant is the quantity and quality of bone where we will […]

How Safe Are Bone Grafts?

Before your implants get placed, your dental surgeon needs to scan your mouth and jaw to make sure conditions are ideal for a successful surgery. Part of what your surgeon will be looking for is how much bone you have available at the implant site.  If your dental surgeon has found that you don’t have […]

4 Long-term Consequences of Missing Teeth

What Are the Long-term Consequences of Missing Teeth? If you have lost teeth, you might have noticed changes to your appearance. Of course, missing teeth leave gaps in your smile, but as time passes, tooth loss begins to affect the overall shape of your face as well. The aesthetic effects of missing teeth are plain […]

When Is a Bone Graft Recommended for Dental Implants?

If you are considering dental implants, it’s likely you are consulting with your surgeon about preliminary steps. One of the factors that effects the implant procedure is the condition of the implant site. To make sure you are ready for an implant procedure, your surgeon will X-ray your mouth to see if you have enough […]

4 Tips to Keep Food From Sticking Under Your Dentures

Whether you are a new denture wearer or are celebrating a denture anniversary, if you have food sticking under your dentures it can be infuriating, uncomfortable, and detrimental to your gum line. It’s hard to imagine that despite a hefty amount of adhesive or a completely new liner that this can still happen. The problem […]