Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is used to improve the appearance of your lips by achieving that fuller, more youthful, more defined appearance, while at the same time reducing the fine lines around the mouth. This procedure is used to treat women and men of all ages. Lip augmentation can be achieved by several different methods, including injectable fillers, fat transferred from another part of the body, or by the placement of lip implants. The results of lip augmentation vary according to the procedure performed.

The vermilion border is the most common area that is enhanced with dermal fillers. This is the junction between the white and red parts of the lips. By injecting dermal fillers in this area, it is possible to define the lips, similar to wearing lip liner. The cupids bow or the V shaped area in the center of the lip can also be enhanced with dermal fillers. This makes the V more pronounced.

Keeping in mind that these methods of augmentation are only temporary, and repeat treatments are needed to maintain results. If you are opting for more of a permanent augmentation, the placement of a lip implant can be used to achieve the same sultry, appearance. The upper and lower lips may be treated alone, or may be augmented at the same time. Results are typically immediate with some minor swelling.

After carefully discussing your goals and realistic expectations, Dr. Lee can recommend the appropriate method of treatment for you.

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