Mini Facelift

Mini Lift

There are different variations of the facelift; one of those variations is a mini lift (mini face lift). The mini lift is a great procedure for younger patients who are starting to see the inevitable signs of aging, such as skin laxity in their face with deepening of folds adjacent to their mouths and early jowling. The mini lift primarily addresses the mid face. This procedure does not address areas such as the neck. The mini lift accomplishes many of the same goals of the traditional facelift, but does not require as extensive of an incision. It is a minimally invasive procedure, with a quicker recovery time.

A short incision is placed in front of the ear hidden in the skin crease and hair line, heal well, and blend easily without attracting visual attention. This incision allows for resuspension of the deeper tissue under the skin in a natural vector. The skin is then redraped and excess removed, smoothing out the wrinkles and redefining the jaw line. The mini lift offers subtle changes with minimal bruising and swelling, while restoring the facial structures to a more youthful position; leaving the patient with a very natural and refreshed look.

After consulting with Dr. Lee, he will be able to recommend which variation of the facelift will best meet your goals and expectations.

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