6 Tips for Making the Most of Your First Appointment

Doctor-Patient-Consultation.jpgWhen you are headed out to a business meeting, you come prepared with extra copies of the presentation and a take-home document with follow-up information for the client. Often times, the success of the meeting is directly related to how well and thoroughly you prepared. The same goes for your first appointment regarding your dental surgery.

As discussed in some of our previous blogs, preparing for your procedure is just as important as taking an active role in your post-procedure care. There are things you can do ahead of time to make certain that you have a most successful and informative initial appointment at Cumberland Surgical Arts.

Here are 6 tips for making the most of your first appointment:

1. Coordinate your medical history.

Before your appointment, you should talk to your general practitioner or any other specialists involved in your healthcare. Find out if they have any concerns about your procedure as it relates to the healthcare they are providing.
Dr. DeFelice and Dr. Lee will talk directly with your healthcare providers about their concerns, which will be taken into consideration when crafting a surgical plan.

2. Take allergies seriously.

From latex sensitivities to antibiotic allergies, there is no allergy that we wouldn’t want to know about. We believe that having a thorough understanding of your medical history is the best way to keep you safe and satisfied with your surgical results.

3. Review your medications.

Part of your first appointment involves collecting information about which medications you are currently taking. The safest way to make sure all of the information is accurate is to bring your medications with you to your first appointment at our office. Our staff will look at the prescription drug name and dosage. Our doctors will explain to you how these medications could affect your surgery or recovery time.

4. Bring your advocate.

We understand that coordinating with your spouse, significant other, friend, child, or parent can be challenging, but the earlier they are involved the better. We recommend bringing a member of your support system with you throughout this process starting as early as your first appointment. They can listen to the conversation and help you to recall important information later. Many times, your support person has questions for the doctor that you might not have thought about. Also, if they will be caring for you after surgery, it is important for them to be involved with the entire process.

5. Discuss your research.

Whether you were referred by your dentist or booked your appointment on your own, there has most likely been a little time between when you first called and the initial appointment. Use this time to read up on your specific dental issue, talk to others who have had dental surgery before, and write down any questions or concerns. Bring your list of questions to your appointment. Discussing them early on will make you feel as comfortable as possible with the plan.

6. Don’t forget your documents.

Bring any x-rays or lab results you have from your referring doctor and other providers, or have your doctor send them to us beforehand. We can review them together and craft the surgical plan based off of your most recent medical studies.

Like you, we want your initial appointment to be a success. For us to come up with the best plan for your case, we need to understand your previous experiences, address any concerns your medical and dental team may have, and most importantly, answer your questions. Help make this first appointment great by following the tips listed above.

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