Fruit? French Bread? Filet Mignon? FREEDOM!

dentures_ordering_FoodThere’s nothing like going to restaurant, seeing something you have been thinking about for days on the menu. But then you realize it’s not going to happen because of your dentures. You’re concerned about your dentures slipping, the food causing dry mouth, or food particles potentially getting stuck. Those worries outweigh the benefits of the savory dish you’ve had your eye on. 

With most things in life, there are pros and cons. When you decided on dentures, you understood that you will improve your appearance and alleviate the pains your natural teeth were causing. But with that, it also may mean giving up some foods and the freedom to eat anywhere without having restriction. 

Well, throw that cons list out the window! Here are 5 tips for denture wearers to consider when ordering foods you previously thought were off limits and detrimental to your dentures: 

  1. Avoid dehydration, avoid caffeine

    There’s nothing like a morning cup of Joe or an afternoon coffee break to get through a long day. Often, though, denture wearers face complications with dry mouth as a result of caffeine. The problem with dry mouth is that it leads to painful mouth sores, which may cause you to have to take a break from wearing your dentures. To avoid dehydration, simply increase your water consumption or order your afternoon coffee as a decaf.

  2. Go for the wine and stop worrying about stains!

    Some of the most obvious culprits for denture stains are red wine, blueberries, tea, and soda products. You’ve been conditioned to order water or clear alcoholic drinks. But, in reality, stains should not deter you from ordering your favorite cocktail or digestif. There are numerous updated over-the-counter denture cleaners that have been reformulated to address stains. You can use those cleaners on their own or combine them with hydrogen peroxide for an extra boost of cleanliness. For a more thorough stain treatment, bring your dentures to your provider and see if they can use an ultrasonic cleaner and polish.

  3. Get strong, not stuck

    Understandably, it is uncomfortable when food gets stuck between your denture and ridgeline. As noted in our previous blog, there are ways to keep ordering your favorite foods and not worry about food sneaking underneath your dentures and causing havoc. Strong adhesives do work, but only when your maintenance and gum line are aligned with the denture. From understanding your ridgeline to annual reviews, continuous attention helps keep dentures aligned and your favorite foods from sticking around your dentures.

  4. Practice makes perfect

    Over the first 10 years of your life, you had a tremendous learning curve to understand how your mouth would react to new foods. Similarly, there is a learning curve for denture wearers. With practice, you will be able to eat bread, salads, steaks, and even corn on the cob. You still want to avoid foods such as whole nuts, bones, and sharp seafood shells that could damage denture teeth and natural teeth alike.

  5. Take a long term approach and hit the buffet

    No matter how confident you are in your dentures, you may still worry about what you can order and if you will suffer for having a delicious meal. Consider dental implants. Because these teeth are permanent and will not move around or become displaced, life is like an open buffet, allowing you to enjoy everything you did with your natural teeth with ease and without concern.

As a denture wearer, as long as you give yourself time to adjust to your new mouth and take to heart the tips above, you should feel free to order almost anything off the menu. However, for complete ordering confidence, dental implants will always be your best bet.  

Enjoy all of your favorite dinner, dessert, and drink options again. Click here to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lee or Dr. DeFelice and discover more about how dental implants can be your key.  

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