How to Be Certain Your Dentures Won’t Fall Out at Mealtime

bigstock-beautiful-elderly-couple-67456198Loose, slipping dentures are a very common problem among denture wearers, an issue that the vast majority will face at one point or another throughout their years of denture use. Among the more troublesome problems this can cause is difficulty keeping dentures in place while eating. Dentures that slip or fall out at mealtimes are certainly a hassle, and when you’re sharing a meal with others, can be a terribly embarrassing problem.

What Can Be Done About Loose Dentures in Clarksville, TN?

While for many, relining or replacing their false teeth is enough to resolve the issue – at least for a while – others will face more persistent problems with denture fit. So is there a way to resolve loose dentures when relining or remaking dentures doesn’t work? Yes there is. In fact, Dr. Lee and Dr. DeFelice offer several good solutions. Here’s how to be certain your dentures won’t fall out at mealtime:

  • Anchor conventional dentures with dental implants – Conventional, removable dentures can be made more secure with dental implants. This is done by placing two or more implants into the jawbone, which will be topped with fittings that attach to fixtures placed onto the underside of the denture, anchoring it firmly in place. The denture will still be removed at night and for cleaning as usual, but will not shift or fall out as you eat. This is most commonly done for lower dentures, which are generally the most unstable, but can be done for upper ones as well.
  • Get bar attachment dentures – This type of denture is also supported by dental implants, but offers greater long-term comfort and stability than simply anchoring conventional dentures with a few dental implants. This dental restoration involves the placement of dental implants – typically four in each jaw – which are topped with a metal bar that follows the contours of the jaw. Specialized dentures clip onto that bar and are held solidly in place by its strong support, ensuring that dentures will not slip or fall out as you bite and chew. These implant-supported dentures are removed at night and for cleaning, much like conventional dentures.
  • Upgrade to permanent dentures – Permanent dentures offer levels of comfort and stability comparable to natural teeth. They are a fixed dental restoration, which means they are meant to stay in place 24-7 like natural teeth and can only be removed by your dentist. This restoration is done by placing anywhere from 4 to 8 implants in the jaw, according to your personal needs, onto which a full arch of replacement teeth is mounted. The result is replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth, and most certainly will not fall out at mealtime. Maintenance of permanent dentures is also much like that of natural teeth – brushing, flossing, and regular dental appointments for cleanings and checkups.

So if you’re living with the hassle and embarrassment of dentures that tend to slip, click or fall out, there are solid solutions to your problem that can help you get back to enjoying your mealtimes, rather than dreading them. All it takes to find out which of these solutions might be best for you is a consultation with Dr. Lee or Dr. DeFelice – our experienced, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons here at Cumberland Surgical Arts.

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