How to Upgrade Your Dentures with Dental Implants

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Over time, your dentures may lose their fit because of jawbone loss or other changes to your mouth. The teeth in your dentures may also wear down. If you’re getting ready to replace your dentures, now might be a great time to consider an upgrade.

People_Eating_Food.jpgReplacing your dentures presents you with the opportunity to take advantage of dental implant technology for a better functioning denture. You’re probably tired of your dentures slipping and making it difficult to eat or speak clearly. Implant-supported dentures can solve these problems and more.

A More Permanent Denture

While dental implants are typically used to replace missing teeth, they can also be used to support and stabilize a denture. For patients who have lost all or most of their teeth in the lower jaw, implant supported permanent dentures provide an easier way to restore their entire smile. Dentures in the lower jaw are usually less stable than those in the upper jaw, so implant supported dentures are a superior alternative.

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Instead of needing to have implant posts fitted for every missing tooth, implant supported dentures can accomplish the task with only 4 implant posts. Because the posts are made of titanium, they are strong enough to support a whole row of teeth.

Precise positioning of the posts is enabled by a CAT scan that identifies underlying structures like nerves and sinuses so they can be avoided. Once the posts are in place, the dentures can be attached, providing you with a stable denture that never needs to be removed.

Benefits of the Implant-supported Permanent Denture

Eating_Apple.jpgUnlike traditional dentures, the implant-supported denture stays in place without the need for messy adhesives. Traditional dentures’ lower set of teeth are particularly difficult to keep in place with pressure from the tongue. Permanent dentures avoid this problem altogether.

You won’t have to worry about your dentures slipping or making clicking noises when you speak or eat. You can enjoy the crunchy and chewy foods you love and talk with confidence. Because implant-supported dentures are more stable, they won’t irritate your gums by rubbing or pressing against them.

You’ll also enjoy a more youthful appearance. The implants will fuse with your jawbone, strengthening it and stimulating new growth. With this bone growth, your face will fill out to resemble what you looked like before your tooth loss.

Removable Denture with Locator

If you prefer a removable denture, implants can be placed in the jaw with locators attached to the implant and the denture. The locator allows you to snap the denture into place for a more reliable fit without adhesives. These locator-attached dentures can be removed at night for cleaning.

While removable dentures with locators may be more affordable than the permanent denture, they do need to be regularly checked and maintained by your dentist to ensure a secure fit and attachment.

Explore New Options for Dentures

Why fall back on the same solution to tooth loss when you have the more secure option of implant-supported permanent dentures or removable dentures? Now is your chance to take advantage of new advancements in implant procedures for a better functioning and more comfortable denture.

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