Will I need a sinus lift before a dental implant procedure?

Will I need a sinus lift before a dental implant procedure?

When considering dental implants, there are a variety of circumstances to consider. One is the potential to need a sinus lift before a dental implant procedure. A key to the success of your implant is the quantity and quality of bone where we will be placing your implant. If you do not have enough bone mass in your upper jawbone (maxilla) for a successful dental implant procedure, a sinus lift will be discussed. A sinus lift will help to ensure you have the room in your jawbone for the implant placement.
What is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is essentially a type of bone graft where a small piece of bone is attached to the upper jaw.
The bone used for the procedure can come from:
• Your own bone
• Bone from a human cadaver (most common)
• Synthetic bone

To attach the bone to your jaw and encourage growth, the gums will be exposed. Next, the sinus membrane is pushed to the side, and the new bone material is put at the bottom of the sinus cavity. Once the procedure is done, the patient will be stitched.

The surgical site will need time to heal, and the new bone will need time to fuse with the existing bone. Healing of the site varies in every patient, and can take up to several months. Once the grafted bone has attached completely, a dental implant procedure can be performed.

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