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Pre-Anesthisia Instructions, Cumberland Surgical Arts and Associates, PLLC

We are committed to a safe surgical experience. Your cooperation in adhering to our anesthesia guidelines is crucial. Please review our instructions below. This will be discussed with you at your initial appointment. Feel free to contact our office if any questions arise regarding your anesthesia options prior to surgery.

  • You must strictly follow the doctors’ orders for dietary restrictions.  You must completely refrain from liquids and solid foods 6 hours prior to your surgical appointmentThis also includes water, gum, candy or mints. Medications pre-approved by your surgeon may be taken with a SIP of water.
  • Because anesthetic medications can cause prolonged drowsiness, a responsible adult capable of driving, who will remain in the office during your procedure, must accompany you, drive you home and remain with you for 24 hours until you are capable of caring for yourself. 
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing, i.e. short sleeve shirt, low flat shoes (not flip-flops) and bring a sweatshirt or sweater that buttons or zips up the front.  Do not wear contact lenses.  Please wear your glasses on the day of surgery. Please remove all piercing inside the mouth (i.e. tongue rings).
  • During your recovery, and while using prescribed pain medications, you should not drink alcohol, drive, operate complicated machinery, care for small children, or make important decisions such as signing documents, etc.
  • For female patients, ALL female patients are required to have a urine pregnancy test upon arrival to the facility on the day of surgery.
  • Cell phones, cameras, and personal recording devices are NOT allowed in the procedure rooms. Please leave all personal items with your escort. We are not responsible for valuable items carried into the operatory.
  • Not following the above listed guidelines will result in your surgery being cancelled and rescheduled for a later date.

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