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  • PrescriptionsIf you received a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics, follow the directions on the bottle.  Take no other pain medications or sedatives without first discussing with your doctor.  Do not operate a motor vehicle or dangerous machinery (lawn mower, etc.) while taking the pain medication.  If ordered, take the antibiotic as instructed on the bottle, in its entiretyDo not drink alcoholic beverages while taking pain medication. 
  • Bleeding Slight oozing of blood is normal for up to 12 hours.  This oozing can be controlled by biting on a piece of moistened gauze for 20 minutes.  Contact your doctor if oozing or bleeding continues in spite of these measures.  Try to avoid spitting- this will promote bleeding.
  • Pain Take your first pain pill when your prescription is filled, do not wait until the feeling returns.   It is better to take this medication with a small snack or after a meal.
  • Rinsing  Starting tomorrow, begin gentle rinsing with (1 teaspoon salt in 12 oz. warm tap water) four (4) times a day.  You may carefully brush your teeth beginning tonight.  Keep the bristles on your teeth and off the gum tissue.  Begin rinsing with peridex tomorrow.
  • Diet Take only liquids or very soft foods today.  Do not chew any solid foods in the surgical area until you return for the first follow- up visit.
  • Swelling Swelling is normal after implant surgery.  Swelling usually begins resolving after 2-3 days but may last as long as 7- 10 days.  An ice pack applied to your face over the operated area for 24- 36 hours will decrease the pain and swelling.  Swelling can also be controlled by elevating you head on 2 pillows for 3 nights when sleeping.  If your swelling increases dramatically after several days please notify our office. (No heating pad for the first 3 days after surgery).
  • Smoking DO NOT SMOKE FOR AT LEAST ONE WEEK AFTER SURGERY.  The heat and toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke are harmful to healing wounds.  It is recognized that implants are more likely to fail in smokers.  Also, do not use any smokeless tobacco.
  • StitchesYou may notice some stitches in your mouth.  These will dissolve and generally need not be removed.  Do not be concerned if you lose a stitch prior to your first return appointment.

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